Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion

Goethe University Frankfurt

Descrição do Programa

Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion

Goethe University Frankfurt

The Master’s Program in Philosophy of Religion is open to students holding a bachelor degree (or an equivalent), who intend to specialize in the area of Philosophy of Religion. Focused on research, the program grants a broad academic discussion of questions that are essential to the Philosophy of Religion, thereby proceeding primarily from a systematic, but also from an historic point of view. Phenomena and traditions occurring in the context of religion are reflected upon in terms of philosophical standards of rationality.

On the one hand, this process is based on the discussion of central problems of theoretical and practical philosophy. On the other hand, it grounds on an exemplary investigation of topics crucial to theology and religious studies respectively. Thus, the Master’s program shows an interdisciplinary design. Furthermore, it is characterized by its claim to consider continental approaches as well as analytic approaches that dominate the philosophical landscape in the Anglo-American world.

In course of its first phase, the Master’s program trains the skill of precise analysis, reconstruction and discussion of concepts and arguments brought forward in the Philosophy of Religion. The second phase of the program highlights the capacity to elaborate and defend a self-contained philosophical position. By teaching these key competencies, the Master’s Program prepares its graduates for a broad area of qualified jobs. They fulfill the requirements of professions in university and higher education.

At the same time, they have access to non-philosophical jobs in business and public society that demand a conclusive assessment of complex problems raised within an intercultural and multi-religious society.

Admission requirements

Bachelor degree or equivalent first professional degree. In case the major of the Bachelor degree is not Philosophy, basic knowledge in Philosophy has to be proven according to §7 (2) of the Examination Regulations.

Applicants with an international university entrance qualification and Bachelor's degree must prove sufficient German language skills according to the regulations of the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH), the German language test for university entrance.

Provisional admission

Candidates that have not finished their Bachelor Studies to the date of their application have to provide evidence of their Bachelor’s Degree to the Examination Board at the first day of the Master’s Program. Until that they are admitted on a preliminary basis. In order to attain a preliminary admission, candidates have to provide a certificate of the matriculation in the respective Bachelor’s Program as well as a written confirmation of the prospective date of graduation.

Mode of admission

Admission is not restricted. Students will be directly admitted if the admission requirements are met in full.

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Goethe University Frankfurt

Última actualização February 4, 2018
Duração e Preço
Este curso é No campus
Start Date
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Out. 2018
4 semestres
Tempo integral
370 EUR
Approx. 370 € administrative fee per semester (incl. free public transport)
Alemanha - Frankfurt, Hesse
Data inicial : Out. 2018
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Out. 2018
Alemanha - Frankfurt, Hesse
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