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Tampere University Master of Science (Technology) in Materials Science and Engineering
Tampere University

Master of Science (Technology) in Materials Science and Engineering

Tampere, Finlândia

2 Years


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Aug 2024

EUR 12.000 / per year *

No campus

* per academic year for non-EU/EEA students


Do you want to improve the universe?

Dig into the secrets of Materials Science.

The future society needs more durable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly materials. Strong knowledge of natural sciences and material science combined with a passion for developing new material solutions makes you an eligible expert.

Natural Sciences studies the universe, Materials Science improves it! We need sustainable, recyclable, and bio-based food packaging. Minimizing traffic emissions requires the development of lightweight and strong materials. Wind turbines require non-freezing surfaces. There are also endless applications in medicine and many other fields as well.

In our Materials Science education, you will study with the best professionals in the field, and you will build a degree entity according to your interests. You will get to know the structures and customization of materials from the atomic level. Particularly at the Master's level, we focus on manufacturing techniques, microscopy, and materials research, including mechanical and energy engineering. The program allows you to strengthen your degree with various other technical subjects focusing, for example, on mechanical engineering, chemistry, circular economy, or energy and environment. There are dozens of interesting options available.

We also offer you the opportunity to complete an international double degree that helps you stand out in the job market. Our graduates are sought-after experts in various companies and research centers all over Europe and beyond. This is where the conquest of the universe begins!



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